OpenMHz is a bit of a labor of love. I wanted to create an easy way for folks running my Trunk Recorder. program to share the audio they were recording. If you are interested in recording a local radio system, go checkout Trunk Recorder. Checkout the Wiki there for intructions on how to connect your recorder to OpenMhz.

The Plan

My goal is to always offer a free option for sharing audio and listening to it. However, keeping the servers running costs me real money and takes a bit of time. Right now, I only have a Free Tier of service available, but I am looking at adding some paid features to OpenMHz. Let me know if you would be interested, or have some other creative ideas.

Planned Tiers

Archiving5 Days3 MonthsUnlimited
AccessPublicPublic or PrivateCustom
HostingCloudCloudYour servers

Let's Talk

Let's Talk


I am really interested in making this site useful. Send me ideas, thoughts, or suggestions:

lukekb@gmail.com - @LukeBerndt