Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
Washington, DC
Radio system for Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
DC Fire and EMS
Washingtond, DC
Radio system for DC Fire
Alexandria VA
Alexandria, VA
Trunked system for the City of Alexandria.
Fairfax County Project 25
Fairfax County, VA
Trunked system for Fairfax County.
City of Davis
Davis, CA
City of Davis CA SmartNet system
Charlotte UASI
Charlotte, NC
Charlotte area unified P25 sytem.
North Carolina Viper
Charlotte, NC
North Carolina Viper system for the Mecklenburg and Cabarrus area
Charlotte Motorola
Charlotte, NC
CharlotteMecklenburg county SmartNet II system
OutagamieWinnebago County Public Safety System
Oshkosh, WI
Trunked system for Outagamie and Winnebago County Wisconsin.
Virginia Beach ORION P25
Virginia Beach, VA
Virginia Beach VA P25 System. httpwww.radioreference.comappsdb?sid4927
Arlington County
Arlington, VA
Trunk system for Arlington VA
Kansas City, MO
MARRS Four Site Mixed Reception Platte County Site to Start
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Most large cities use trunked radio systems to get the most use out of their assigned radio spectrum. With trunked systems, the transmission are constantly hopping to different frequencies. Only top of the line radio scanner are able to follow these transmission and even those scanners are limited to capturing a single transmission at a time.

It often gets said that Software wil eat the World, and that is certainly true here. Using a cheap Software Defined Radio (SDR), it is possible capture all of the transmission on a system. Scanners try to determine which frequency a group is using and tune into that specific frequency. SDRs make it possible to capturea wide swatch of spectrum, covering all of the frequencies a system could use. Using software it is possible to decode which groups are using which frequencies and extract those transmission from that broad swatch of spectrum.

Trunk Recorderis a Linux program that I wrote, that is being used to capture all of the recordings on this site. This website makes it easy for folks running Trunk-Recorder to share their recordings.

Want to record your local radio system?

Join us! Record a local radio system and share it with the world. If you have a spare computer, it is easy to get started. With a $25 SDR or two, you can capture an entire system. It does take a little bit of work to get things setup, but we are here to help and answer questions.

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